Container certificate: And why it is important for your business

A container certificate is a stamp of approval that your container is safe to use for cargo transportation. But what exactly does this certificate include and who is responsible to take care of this certification? If you’ve been looking online to find out the meaning of a SOC container certificate, you’re finally reading the right blog.

The entire container logistics business thrives on one important factor: the movement of containers carrying cargo safely across international borders. This is the foundation of the entire industry. So, in order to keep this running smoothly container conditions are of utmost importance.

Regular inspections and surveys need to be carried out to ensure that containers are fit to carry cargo across the oceans. If companies fail to do this, they can jeopardize the safety of the cargo and the life of those who handle the containers.

One such inspection of supreme importance is the CSC inspection. It’s without a doubt the most significant kind of survey.

And it is also an essential survey to carry out for all your SOC containers. But before we get you more information on it, let’s revisit the world of SOCs.

What is a SOC container certificate?

Remember we spoke about the importance of periodic surveys and inspections for a container at the start of the blog? Let’s understand that a bit more to make the meaning of the SOC container certificate clearer.

Surveys are done to ensure that your SOC container is in top condition. These surveys are carried out by a container surveyor, who is an authorized individual to handle inspection and surveys and examine container equipment. They check your container’s structural condition and integrity. After inspecting your unit, the surveyor issues a container survey report. This document certifies whether your box is fit to be leased out for cargo transportation.

 CSC plate and certification and the SOC container certificate

CSC stands for Convention for Safe Containers. It’s a standard established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1972 for Shipping Container Certification. The CSC was established to protect the cargo and the handlers of containers. In order to verify if your container conforms to the safety standards, a valid CSC plate is essential.

CSC plates prove that your box meets or exceeds the standards set out in the CSC regarding shipping container certification. All boxes must be fitted with a valid CSC plate in order to be passed for international transport. In fact, shipping lines only accept containers with valid CSC plates onto their ships.

In order to receive valid CSC plates, your container must undergo an official CSC survey conducted by certified surveyors. They will check your unit using the conditions laid out in the CSC and certify that the container matches the safety standards required for international shipping. After this, you’ll receive confirmation via a CSC certificate that your SOC box is approved and is ready to ship internationally.

Once you have CSC certification for your SOC container, you can rest assured that your equipment is inspected, surveyed, and meets all the safety standards. This safety approval plate also helps you make better decisions while leasing because it helps you recognize a container that’s in good condition and safe to use.

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