Terminal Handling Charges: The best guide on how to save on surcharges

Paying Terminal Handling Charges is an essential part of the shipping process, and can’t be ignored. Read on to get an overview of the different types. Plus, how you can minimize container surcharges. 

The shipping industry is a lucrative business, but an expensive one too. Being an integral part of the industry, you might have come across the concept of ‘Terminal Handling Charges before. So what exactly do THCs entail?

If you sometimes wonder why you pay these additional fees when you’re already shelling out on other costs, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll help you simplify Terminal Handling Charges, and understand their importance.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid THCs. But there are other surcharges you can completely dodge, such as demurrage and detention fees. But how you might be wondering? By using SOCs instead of COCs. Luckily, you can find SOCs of all types and sizes, along the stretch you’re looking for.

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What are Terminal Handling Charges?

Terminal Handling Charges are fees collected from terminal authorities at ports for the services they provide. These services include equipment handling, container positioning, maintenance, storage, and the discharging of equipment.

There are many factors that impact the price of these charges at different ports, starting from the port of origin all the way through to the destination port.

The local charges of a terminal directly affect the THCs, so the cost varies from port to port within each country.

Unfortunately, Terminal Handling Charges are some of the container fees you just can’t get around.

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